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The Pet Food Store

The Pet Food Store

We stock many varieties of cat, dog and other small animal feeds, bedding and treats. There is a large stock of dog and cat toys. We produce our own Pet Mince in either Beef or Chicken, and have a wide choice of pet bedding (straw, hay and wood shavings) in handy bagged sizes.

Our small animal range includes Russell Rabbit, Harry Hamster and Gerty Guinea Pig foods, as well as our cheaper labels.

Treats and chewing blocks are displayed along with feeding bowls, bottles, harnesses, shampoo and treats. Our Pet Food Store is located across the yard from the Butcher’s shop on the ground floor.

Wild birds and caged birds are also catered for, Coop cups and seed feeders are now in stock. Your aquatic friends are not forgotten as we stock Aquarian gold fish and tropical fish flakes and Davies & Mayfield pond sticks or pellets.

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Frozen Pet Food

We produce our own pet food in both chicken and beef varieties, the chicken pet food is 100% minced chicken carcasses.
Our beef pet food contains a mix of beef trim, beef offal, pigs liver and occasionally lamb breast. We sell both varieties in tubes (9 to a bag) the plastic sleeve should be cut open whilst the tube is still frozen, this way it can be peeled off easily (It saves a lot of mess!)

Frozen Pet Food Prices

  • Chicken Pet Mince – £10.0 per 10lb bag
  • Beef Pet Mince – £10.00 per 10lb bag
  • Lamb Bones – £1.50 per bag
  • Chicken Necks – £1.50 per bag
  • Lamb Breast – £4.15/kg
  • Lamb Hearts – £3.50/kg
  • Pig Hearts – £2.75/kg
  • Ox Hearts – £8.00 each
  • Chicken Carcass – £1.35/kg
  • Chicken Wings – £2.25/kg
  • Pigs Feet – £2.00 per bag
  • Beef Bones – £1.50 per bag
  • Pigs Ears – £2.00 per bag
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