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The Butchers Shop

The Butchers Shop

The Butchers shop was first opened in 1970 selling Beef Lamb and Pork. Gradually we have extended the shop and the products while still trying to source locally. The milk and cream are from a farm in Congleton. The ice cream from ‘Cheshire Farm Ice Cream’, farm eggs are from a farm in Disley and a local farmer supplies the potatoes. A lady from Timperley makes a gorgeous sticky toffee pudding and pork pies are freshly made on Tuesday and Friday by a local baker with our own pork.

In The Counter

We have everything ranging from a single steak, to our best selling 5lb bags of mince and stew. From lamb Chops to legs of pork.  Don’t be put off by the large quantities per bag, we sell everything loose too.

All our meat is either home reared, or farmed locally in Cheshire. We stick to an extremely high welfare standard, which shows in the quality of our meat. All our beef, lamb and pork are slaughtered on site, again sticking to a very high quality and welfare standard, constantly checked by the FSA. We only slaughter as needed, so our meat is always fresh.

All our beef is hung as a carcass for a minimum of 21 days, this means the product you get is as tasty as it possibly can be.

We don’t always have everything prepared, however if you would like something you cannot see in the counter, just ask one of the butchers, we will be more than happy to help!

In the Freezer Cabinets

We have a large variety of burgers all year round, our production process means these can all be cooked from frozen, even on the BBQ. There’s also a wide variety of grillsticks and kebabs, which too, can be cooked from frozen.

We stock frozen pies (steak, steak and kidney and meat and potato) these are all made by a local baker using our meat.

We have a variety of other frozen foods, these change depending on the time of the year, so keep your eye out!

We can assist you with your requirements whether one chop or a side of beef and can advise on quantities needed for any family celebrations JUST ASK.

Please phone for any information 0161 4374801

In the Freezer Cabinets
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