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About Nixon's Farm Shop

The family Nixon has farmed at this farm since the early 1930s when William Nixon and his wife Mary first lived here.

They had a milking herd and delivered milk to most of the neighbours and also reared pigs. William Nixon then built a slaughterhouse and from that beginning, started selling meat.

Gradually the shop was organised and the farms changed to the rearing of beef cattle. There are three grandchildren now running the business.

Julie Egglestone and Roger, her husband, Paul Nixon and Ian Nixon.

The present shop was refitted and we have a Pet Shop, Pets Corner, a Tea Room and Play Area.


About Nixon's Farm Shop

Why Choose Us?

  • We have 100% trace-ability from birth to counter
  • Our prices reflect the current market, plus the cost of adding value, meaning you never pay more than you should
  • Our meat is fresh as we only slaughter as needed.
  • We support local businesses by stocking their products
  • Our welfare and quality is very high as we control the process from farming, to slaughter, then selling direct to you.

Mon - Friday 9-5.30   Sat 9-4pm   Sun 9-4pm

Yes we take all cards

We do not sell our meat under the organic label as this incurs extra costs on the products, we produce the meat as organically as possible. The cattle graze the fields during Summer and in Winter they are fed silage indoors.

All our meat is fresh - we do have a wide selection of frozen BBQ items which are frozen on production and can be cooked from frozen.

All the beef is at least two weeks matured on the carcass. The hide quarters are hung for another week on the bone.

We have been open as a butchers shop for the last 35 years and most of the staff have worked in the butchering industry for the last 25 years.

We have a pets corner with rabbits and guinea pigs and a large selection of birds, and around the farm (depending on the time of year) there is cattle with their calves and sheep.

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