When are you open?
Mon Friday 9- 5.30 Sat 9 -4pm Sun 9-4pm

Do you take debit/credit cards
Yes we take all cards

Is your meat organic?
We do not sell our meat under the organic label as this incurs extra costs on the products we produce the meat as organically as possible . The cattle graze the fields during Summer and in Winter they are fed silage indoors.

Is your meat fresh?
All our meat is fresh we do have a wide selection of frozen BBQ items which are frozen on production and can be cooked from frozen.

Is the beef matured?
All the beef is at least two week matured on the carcass. The hide quarters are hung for an other week on the bone

How long have you been open?
We have been open as a butchers shop for the last 35 years and most of the staff have worked in the butchering industry for the last 25 years.

Is there animals for the children to see?
We have a pets corner with rabbits and guinea pigs and a large selection of birds, around the farm depending on the time of year there is cattle with their calves and sheep.