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Outwood Farm

At Heald Green is where the Beef Suckler Herd is kept.That means the calves are born here and suckle their mothers for at least six months.During the summer the cattle are out in the fields eating the grass and during the winter they are housed in the large shed and fed silage (which is made from grass) and corn
There is a viewing platform to enable you to watch the cows and calves.

Smithy Farm

Smith Farm Congleton is where the larger calves live, they are in the fields during summer and housed during winter.

  • We have 100% traceability
  • Prices are farm prices plus cost of adding value
  • The meat is fresh as we only slaughter as needed
  • Local -- we support local business
  • Less food miles
  • Quality is high as we control the supply chain of farming, slaughtering and selling direct to you


We have our own abattoir on the farm which conforms to EEC export standard. The animals are dressed the traditional method (not the line system) and then hung in the fridge to mature.

Please phone Julie 0161437 4801 if you have any queries